We are happy to announce the re-opening of The Ultimate Fitness Club.


Due to COVID-19, the following Government protocols/requirements must be implemented in order to remain open;



  • Effective Monday, June 7th, the following have been eased:


  • Masks are required while in the building – Masks are to be worn under your chin at ALL times –When moving throughout the gym your mask must cover your nose and mouth.

  • Social Distancing is required (6ft). Be mindful of the members using the equipment next to you.


  • Please note the following will remain in place until further notice ;


  • Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 5:30 am-8:00 pm: Saturday and Sunday, No Change

  • Appointments for workouts are required. We are only allowed 20 persons in the gym, 10 in the cardio area, and 6 in the studio

  • Workouts are limited to 1 hour only

  • ALL travelers  (Immunised and Non-Immunised) will be required to submit 3 negative COVID tests before returning to the gym. Please send copies of negative tests to info@seaview.bm

  • Hands must be sanitized before entering and leaving the gym. Hand sanitizer located at the entrance of the building and throughout the gym

  • Wash/sanitize regularly

  • Brush your feet on the sanitized mats before entering the gym. Mats located at the top of the steps and at the elevator door

  • Temperature will be taken at the front desk

  • The screening sheet must be completed at the front desk. Sign in and out times are required

  • Swipe cards are required

  • Personal belongings will no longer be held at the front desk e.g. bags, purses, cell phones (bring as little as possible). A basket will be available for keys. Lockers are available as well

  • Socializing and gatherings not permitted

  • The bathroom and shower area are limited to one person in the bathroom and one person in the shower at one time

  • All equipment must be sanitized before and after use

  • Membership fees can be paid over the telephone to limit the time at the front desk

  • Bring your own water or purchase bottled water. Water fountains will not be available

  • Gym will be closed at 2:00 pm-2:30 pm,  Monday-Friday for gym sanitizing/cleaning

  • No children are allowed in the building/gym

Please note, the COVID-19 protocols have remain the same except for a few changes.


We thank you in advance for all your continued support,  co-operation and patience.


Kind Regards


Please note, the COVID-19 protocols have remained the same except for a few changes.


We thank you in advance for all your continued support,  co-operation and patience during this times.